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22.5%! Aikosolar Hits a New High Again in Efficiency of Mass-produced Solar Cells

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High efficiency, high reliability and high power generation are the requirements Aikosolar makes upon its products. After being the first to get a full score by virtue of the mass-produced solar cells with the efficiency of 21.8% under the Top Runner Program, Aikosolar again improves the efficiency of PERCs to 22.5%, becoming the first manufacturer capable of supplying single/double-sided high-efficiency PERC cells with the efficiency being 22.5% through gigawatt-level production.

At present, in Aikosolar, the power of 60PCS module with the efficiency of 22.5% is up to 345W and 72PCS module power output can reach 415W, over 11% higher than the requirement (310W/370W) for a full-score winner under the Program of 3rd Top Runners in Application and 3% higher than the requirement (335W) for a full-score winner under the Program of Technology Top Runners!


The efficiency enhancement has been closely connected with Aikosolar’s focused efforts and innovative spirit. Aikosolar sticks to working hard in the field of solar cells and making innovations to develop the most matching high-efficiency PERCs for the current situation of the photovoltaic industry, and it also insists on utilizing high-precision.production equipment as well as the most reasonable cell graphics and mature techniques to produce square mono-crystalline solar cells, continuously improving the efficiency of mass-produced cells and maximizing the power of encapsulated modules.



While grid parity is being approached, the demand of the photovoltaic industry concentrates on high-efficiency products which can really reduce the LCOE. Based on the estimations, a 415W module of Aikosolar, which is encapsulated by cells with a high efficiency of 22.5%, has a module efficiency of 20.6%, increasing by 1%, compared with the efficiency of a conventional 375W module being 19.3%, making the price of the corresponding photovoltaic power generation system decrease by 5%-7%. This breakthrough that Aikosolar makes in efficiency is particularly of great importance to the present photovoltaic industry as the year 2019 as a turning point will see the realization of grid parity in the photovoltaic industry. Therefore, Aikosolar’s high-efficiency products will become a key element to help realize grid parity in the industry.






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