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Aikosolar Shined at Korea Expo with New Cell Offerings of 22.5% Efficiency

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On April 3, 2019, GREEN ENERGY EXPO 2019 witnessed its opening ceremony in Daegu, the Republic of Korea, where Aikosolar made a stunning pose by virtue of its new mass-produced cell offerings with an efficiency of 22.5%. As the photovoltaic market of the Republic of Korea has presented an increasing installed capacity and a strong demand for high-efficiency products in recent years (which makes the Republic of Korea surpass Germany to be the world’s largest market in respect of the demand for high-efficiency cells), the Republic of Korea has become a touchstone to be used for inspecting the high-efficiency products from various enterprises. Aikosolar, the Top 1 enterprise worldwide in respect of the shipments of PERC cell in 2018, also got a good lead in the shipments of PERC cell in the Republic of Korea. Aikosolar, as the world’s first enterprise supplying PERC cell with a high efficiency of 22.5% from gigawatt-level mass production, attracted the strong interest of numerous customers in its high-efficiency, high-reliability and more power generation products.

The first place in the shipments of PERC cell in the Republic of Korea has closely been connected with Aikosolar’s great efforts in this country where Aikosolar has introduced the advantages of its PERC cell in respect of efficiency and cost performance to the local customers ever since its mass production of high-efficiency PERC cell in 2017. For two years, Aikosolar’s PERC cell have been widely recognized by the local customers. The latest data from the Customs indicates that the cell shipments of Aikosolar account for nearly 50% those of the Republic of Korea!

In the future, Aikosolar will continue to focus on the manufacturing of solar cells, insist on keeping customer-oriented and quality-first, strengthen the globalized operation and layout of its technologies and businesses, constantly invest more in products research and development, adhere to good professional ethics and strictly follow the principle that innovation is the lifeline of an enterprise, and pursue long-term effective growth and sustainable development, maintain hard work, and create commercial value beyond the expectation of customers.



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